Company blames employee for poor Christmas Spirit – Stresser of the Day

Company party 1979

The holiday party is arriving…. screw that. The CHRISTMAS party is arriving shortly. I’m sorry I was raised in an era where we called it Christmas not “holiday,” screw those that think that is offensive, I’m not politically correct nor will I ever be. Sorry I went on a tangent there.

I digress. So at my company we will be having our “Christmas” party the Monday before Christmas. Lucky for me I will be on vacation. Every year we do some stupid little contest about whose the most festive and do some little gift exchange of cheap 99 cent store gifts. Oh and did I mention that the head honcho’s will be talking about the company and the future of the company during this party? Excuse me its called a party for a reason, no business should be conducted at that time, that is what meetings are for.

Today there was an “attempt” to make me feel guilty for not partaking in this “festive” hour away from work, that’s right I said an hour. We get to walk down to some crammed restaurant in the business district of our side of town and listen to the big wigs talk about numbers and crap. I said “attempt” because well I am personally sick of companies that expect their employees to partake in this little waste of time gathering, and that includes baby showers, birthday’s,m wedding showers and even new home parties. In my opinion those things should be left for off hours and not affiliated with the company whatsoever.

How many of you agree with me in this pathetic attempt to “gather” the troops to boost moral? How about spending the extra budget on increasing your staffs moral instead of purchasing big ticket items for the big wigs.

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.

3 comments on “Company blames employee for poor Christmas Spirit – Stresser of the Day

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  2. It’s not just the companies themselves that push the nonsense of “morale boosting” down our throats, but also many of the idiots who toil in the ranks. Don’t even get me started on the enforced socializing that we are forced to engage in… Do you want to boost my morale? Then let me get my work done so that I can go spend time with the people that I actually give a damn about!

    I find it so ironic that it’s often these same companies that talk about work-life balance who waste countless hours both initiating and permitting their staff to initiate and engage in blatant time wasting (i.e. the “parties” and events that you’ve outlined in your post).

    Great post!

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