Future accident causes traffic nightmare – Stresser of the Day

Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10), eastboun...

So I left at the usual time today, and wouldn’t you know it, a traffic jam. This shouldn’t be that bad, it is usually like this in this area. Along my 3 hour tour of the 10 freeway with its many Hands-On cellphone users, nose pickers, and an occasional bong toke from a stoner, I came to think of the worst case scenario of what lays up ahead of this traffic jam.

Could it be a fatality, a possible jumper from an overpass, a 5 car pile up? I was getting antsy and excited to see what all the fuss and traffic was about. After all, with a 3 hour commute; that usually takes about an hour and 45 minutes, there has got to be something very interesting up awaiting us commuters, why else would there be so much traffic. I see it, on a long straightaway with no on-ramps, off-ramps or merging lanes, the traffic goes from bumper to bumper to full-speed ahead.

I can feel my foot hit the accelerator a little harder, my eyes widen with excitement, a bead of sweat forms on my forehead, and my heart is racing in anticipation of a gore fest on the freeway or a huge pile of mangled vehicles. I look to the left, glance over to the right… What the HELL!! not a damn thing is causing this traffic, I guess the other drivers can see into the future and saw an accident that is going to occur at that very spot. There is not even a police vehicle or Cal-Trans moping anything up.

Don’t you hate when there is absolutely no explanation for a traffic jam?

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.

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