Curfew law about to pass on refrigerators open after 9:00 pm – Stresser of the Day

Photo of a typical refrigerator with its door ...

Refrigerators are a wonderful item, are they not? It’s like a 24 hour drive-thru right within your own house. You have your drinks, your sides, your main courses, maybe just one genre of cuisine or many depending on how much of a diverse connoisseur you are of food, and you have your tasty dessert treats. And that ladies and gentlemen is the problem.

Refrigerators should be locked down after a certain time each night, well at least in my house they should. There has been a rash of heavy food consumption raids after late hours in my kitchen. The culpret is described as… hold on let me look in the mirror. For some reason, for approximately the past 8 months, late at night, I have been getting food cravings like crazy. I will get up and begin eating little things; chips, ice cream bars, fruit. Then shamefully, the burners are lit and something is cooking on the stove; quesadillas, eggs and bacon, hamburger. As crazy or normal as this may sound, it has become a constant frustration for me due to my increasing waist line. The doctors do not know what it is or the cause.

I am hereby putting to vote a law that will ban 24 hour refrigerator service. Who’s with me?

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.

2 comments on “Curfew law about to pass on refrigerators open after 9:00 pm – Stresser of the Day

  1. Maybe if you keep it empty (save on grocery bills) or hire hungry teens to help you keep it empty (i have a few for hire) or stock yucky things you hate to eat (like chocolate covered earthworms or something similar to that) it might help you forget the refrigerator even exists in your kitchen. 🙂

    • LOL two things wrong with that philosophy. One, I have a 6’1″ 210lbs varsity football teenager who can eat for the entire team, and two I have eaten chocolate covered ants and crickets, so chocolate covered worms wouldn’t bother me. And I am always willing to try different and weird cuisines.

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