Children protest against respect – Irony of the Day

Eric Cartman

Daddy’s little girl and Father’s pride and joy, isn’t that what all father’s want to be able to say about their daughters and sons? We teach them many things, event after they are adults the teaching still continues. As Cartman from South Park says, “Respect yo authoritay!” I guess my children never saw that episode, nor listened to any of my teachings. I spent 13 years of my daughters life and 16 of my son’s to respect their elders, yet not even the LAPD could stop this protest. Not to get into details but my daughter and yours truly have not spoken nor seen each other since July 4, 2011. We got into an agrument and I informed her that if she didn’t want to respect me as her father, then to leave. And leave she did.

Funny how you spend years treating someone like she is the princess of your world to have her over throw the throne and banish you to the fields along with the peasants.


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