Defiance turns into want and greed – Irony of the Day

It is funny how kids today defy their parents, and authority yet expect to receive undeserved respect and freedoms. I have known this type of behavior for sometime now,but it has gotten worse. Some children I know defy their parents, argue and give attitudes when asked to do anything. But it is funny, the kids start doing things, helping around the house, no arguing and the parents think “Hey this is great they are helping out without any issue!” Then the truth comes out…

Dialogue Scenario #1 please.

Child: “Mom can I go to Sarah’s house?”

Mom: “No you can not tonight”

Child: “But, I did this for you.”

Mom: “So, not tonight I said you have school tomorrow.”

Child: “Ughhh, you are so unfair!!”

Dialogue Scenario #2 if you will.

Child: “Mom can me and the guys go to a movie?”

Mom: “Sure son, you have been doing good helping around the house.”

Child gets back and the next day…

Mom: “Son can you please vacuum the dining area right now?”

Child: …

Mom: “I said NOW!”

Child : “Why can’t my sister do it?”

Mom: “Because I asked you to”

Child: “You are so unfair”

Mom waits and the son still has not done what is asked, and the defiance starts all over, just because the child got what they wanted.

Then, it goes back to the old routine, kids don’t help out, until they want something. Children nowadays need to learn that you can’t be defiant to structure and responsibilities and expect rewards. No reward unless earned is my motto.

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