Young joker turns into Old driver – Laugh of the Day

You see them on the streets, and on the highways. They drive slow and a little erratic at times. You get behind them and struggle to stay sane as the slow dragging speed gets your adrenaline going to get around this person. You switch lanes speed up and are about to cuss out the person driving like an old…. wait it is an old lady. You know these types, the little ol’ ladies that can barely see over the steering wheel driving about a foot away from the windshield, smoochinthe steering wheel. I’ve seen then even joked about them. My grandma, bless her soul used to drive this way, it was always so cute to see her drive this way.

Steering Wheel


Wouldn’t you know it, karma comes back and I have noticed that I am starting to get closer and closer to the steering wheel. its kinda comfortable. Maybe I am getting as old as my kids say I am.

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