Merging drivers get the bird – Stresser of the Day

Fuck sign, not directed at anyone!

All you inconsiderate drivers

I’m just driving along at a semi-snails pace when, oh this person to the right of me wants to merge into my lane. His blinker is on and I see him peering in his side-view mirror to see if it is safe.  I decide to be polite and slow down so he can merge. He quickly gets over, thinking I might change my mind for some reason. He speeds up, looks inthe rear-view mirror and wait! What the hell, no thank you, no quick wave of the hand to say “Thanks for letting me over.” Well you know what? “Fuck you!” as I get extend my right hand and proceed to extend my long middle finger upwards giving him the you finger salute.

This just didn’t happen this one time, it happens all the time. Literally, it is rare that someone says thank you, most of the time there is no blinker or indication that someone is merging they just get over and sometimes, for some unknown reason step on their brakes. This pisses me off, you wonder why I don’t let people over as much as I used to. I am not sure why people have become so self-absorbed as to think a little courtesy gesture would hurt their self image. Most of the time now, when I see someone trying to get over or trying to cut away from traffic by waiting to the last minute to merge, I speed up as to not allow any room for them to get in front of me.

Driving on the 10 each day, my middle finger sure does get a work out. I think I might have road rage

One comment on “Merging drivers get the bird – Stresser of the Day

  1. Courtesy is a thing of the past. I believe people are inately bad. Rarely do you ever come across a person who strives to do the right thing all of the time. All rude people do is bring out the worst in all of us. Rudeness begets rudeness. The world as gone to hell in a hand basket. Bah Humbug.

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