Personal Space all used up in Checkout Line – Stresser of the Day

Reaction of two people whose personal space ar...

Since when did it become ok to violate someone’s personal space in the checkout lines in Department Stores? And since when did it become ok to spread your potentially volatile germs around to everyone around you?

This happens quiet often with me when I am in the check-out line at most any store. Today especially was nerve-racking. I was about to pay for my purchases at Target, when this mid-life crisis woman (about 50 years old) decided to not just get inside my personal space, but she basically hijacked it and raped it. She was standing right next to me, prohibiting me from swiping my card to pay. Not only that, but she insisted on hacking up what sounded like the rest of her rusty dusty lungs from years of smoking. I, kindly looked at her, asked her to move and she simply stood there like she finally kicked the bucket and turned to stone, not saying a word. So being the rude ass that I am, I gently side-stepped right into her pushing her aside with my body. Oddly enough she didn’t get the hint and attempted to invade my body once again by peering over my shoulder as I entered my card number (I changed my mind and used the visa part of my card). So with these actions I looked at her and in an assertive voice asked her if she would like my social security number and drivers license as well so she could steal my identity all together. The cashier as well as the two people behind this body-snatcher, busted out laughing.

Personal space is like a man cave for me, its mine all mine, don’t come into it unless invited and definitely don’t be polluting the air in my space with your infections.

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