Runaway train takes a sudden detour – Stresser of the Day

A man mid-sneeze. Original CDC caption: "...

So as you know my vacation is quickly coming to a sad end. The minutes, hours and days have flown by. Wait, put on the brakes for a minute there. As the brakes screech to an ungodly halt, I hear the faint sounds of coughs, then a sniffle and then the glorious spray of a sneeze explodes from my mouth. As i was just getting ready to put the fond memories of my first scheduled vacation in ages to rest and enjoy the last few remaining days away from my prison on the west coast, I come down with something called the cold flu.

It’s a double whammy for me, Im stuffed up, sneezing and coughing and worse of all my joints and muscles ache so moving is not really an option. My plans to celebrate the incoming New Year with my fiance and ultimately celebrating the birth of my beautiful loving fiance on the first of the year may be headed out the cold drafty window. It’s funny how you plan on going out with a bang and instead you go out with a cough and sneeze. What a disgruntled way to end the year

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