Same ignorance and stress, Different Year – Stresser of the Day

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will be doing a piece on this soon enough

Hi Ho, Hi Hohhh… It’s back to work I go. Well my fellow stressed out followers, after a long 2 weeks of blissful Eden like vacation, it had to happen. The dreadful day of returning to the office for another year of stress and ignorance from high intellectuals who have no sense of common sense.

The day started out with the usual doldrums drive along the 210 to the 10 freeway with the usual “hands-not-so-free” cell phone chats, texters and bong smokers with the occasional old person driving so slow and so close their windshield that their breath can steam the windows. Once I arrive in my office, I open my email to begin reading some absurd and cryptic emails from my bosses. Along with those trash bin headed emails, I notice a ton of emails from would be participants for a few of our events, that for some reason expect people to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no matter how mundane or insignificant their requests are. For instance I received 12 emails from the same individual asking to add something for him to our website, all over the course of 4 days (Mind you an “Auto-Responder” from the webmaster was sent out each time this impatient pest sent an email).

One email stood out especially brutal for me, because it showed the true lack of commitment and dedication this supposed boss had for the company. He instructed my immediate superior and myself to let anyone in, who comes wanting to get into his office, while he was away to “use his books.” Uh excuse me Mr. PhD. I am not sure how they do it in Korea, but here where we work, we do not simply allow anyone to walk into a locked office, and especially not someone who does not work for our company nor is attending something for our company. We are not doormen nor you gopher boys. So open your eyes, if you can, and start showing some dedication to your company or I can guarantee that you will soon find yourself in the unemployment line; considering the fact that all you do all day while in your office, is have “closed-door” meetinsg with your very young female grad students till the late hours at night. Do not be surprised if a hidden cam gets put up in your office to expose the sloth you are.

Anyway, on the brighter side of life, I was informed that my employee evaluation has finally been completed after 3 years of working there, that does not necessarily mean a raise (you know, since 6 of the most important people within my large company got a 19% – 32% raise this year, even though we will be getting less financial backing from the State this year, so there is no more money to go around). However, considering the fact that they are eager to keep great talent around, I feel that with the average salaries of my 3 positions I hold are making an easy 30K more than me, I think I have some ground to stand on.

Oh blissful vacation, why did you have to depart so early and leave me with the dreaded cumbersome workdays that is overflowing with the dark java of stress. Couldn’t you even add a little sugar in it or Bailey’s and Cream.

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