Put your hands in the air! Back away slowly from the keyboard – Stresser of the Day

Happy to Use Computer Software

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

Some people got it, some people try but don’t and others well… They should not even attempt to get it.  What am I speaking of you ask? Life, no that is a portion of an enigma that will always run in your wildest fantasies. Love, that is not quiet something that someone “gets”, they more or less acquire it. Elected into the Presidency, well lets face it almost no one needs to do even desire that. I am speaking of skill and knowledge. Skill and knowledge to comprehend, learn and achieve desired results in your profession. Very anti-climatic I know, but let me explain.

Every six months I begin a new large project for my place of business. I have reluctantly dwindled down the calamity of catastrophes from the past wanna-be software programmer, whom was considered my predecessor. Seeing the garbage that spewed from this individuals decrepid fingers, I would like to take the old saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks” and prove it wrong. I have approximately 20 years in the industry I am in, and I believe from what I have heard, that the “programmer” before me, has about 30 years. I am not sure what he actually did during those 30 years, but it definitely was not in creating organized and productive software and databases. It is painful to my ears and programming heart to hear from my fellow colleagues that they were told that the business software could not have anything added to it and that what they see is what they got.  Fortunately it is my job to make things run smoother and perform better, unfortunately however I have to sift through the ashes of the devastation this guy caused in creating the business software and database that runs my company.

I have a suggestion for this “programmer”.  Let me re-iterate first what I said about skill and knowledge, either you have it or you don’t. Be honest with yourself and your peers if you cannot do the job at hand properly and up to industry standards. Please back away from any keyboard your demonic fingers are one, look at your superiors and tell them you have no idea what you are doing, and tell them that when you leave it will take a very long time for any half-decent real programmer to come in and fix your screw ups. Better yet, there is something called books and the internet, a world of programming and database design can be found with a little bit of curiosity and searching from these amazing inventions.  Scary thing is, this man is still working somewhere within our system at my place of employment doing the same exact work he did before I stepped in.

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