Disregard for employee safety rush before safety meeting – Stresser of the Day

Worker at a considerable height lacking any ki...

It is unfortunate when someone loses their life to a violation of safety issues. It is my misfortune, however, that once again I will have to sit through another bland monotonous safety meeting. After 20 years of being employed at a number of companies, I have attended a fair share of these boring repeating safety meetings. You know the ones I am talking about, they contain bad actors/actresses, bad dialogue and bad comedy lines along with the same repeating safety issues.

Not only do I have to sleep through another one of those annoying monologues, but I also have to change the day I work from home, because it is schedule on the day that I do so. Now before you say, “Boohoo, get over it, so you have to drive into work,” you have to understand the day that I stay home and work is the same day that for some odd reason, traffic is at its worse. Literally, it takes me approximately 3 hours to get home.

Now for the ironic stress with this safety meeting. My company is notorious for calling upon my 3 person department (middle-aged, not fit men), to move things, such as conference desks, cabinets and other heavy objects. The kicker was today, when we were called upon to move a new refrigerator off of its palette and place it into its spot within the kitchen. Excuse me, I am not a mover nor am I a handy man, besides that, I have a bad back and that type of manual labor is not in my work description. Stuff like this is what the maintenance department is for. They may take forever and a day to get it done, but that is their job; you know those damn union workers, 4 men come to the job, 3 stand around and 1 works.

So explain to me, if we are having a safety meeting in 2 weeks, why on earth are my superiors wanting to put their employees in harm’s way by asking us to perform heavy lifting duties without back support and without proper equipment? I am not lazy, I am cautious.

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