Can I say it please? – Irony of the Day

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So you all know by now, my stance on the ignorance and basic lack of business knowledge that plagues the upper management in my company. Today happened to be one of those days that I can puff out my chest raise my head and look my immediate boss in the face and say…. “HA! I told you so!!!”

Let me explain. We had a beach blonde, bad Snooki tan surfer chick, whom was hired on 2 years ago to run some things for us. She was bossy, bitchy and thought that since she has a PhD, she was the shit. She would come in late, carrying her surfboard, work two hours and then leave. Other times she would supposedly “work from home” (i.e. She was surfing) and other times not work at all. Out of a total of the 2 years she was with the company I probably saw her a total of 6 full months. Her ignorance came from the lack of basic computer knowledge and the boondoggles she constantly came up with to make things better for the business application that I am in charge of. I let a few slide by because they were good ideas but the others were just those pesky “pet projects” that bosses are notorious for. Oh and did I mention she had an issue with trying to change data within our business application that she didn’t have permission to. Basically, she was a self-absorbed, narcissistic beach bum, who when not surfing on her beach play ground, made our place of employment her personal playground. Most of which was for personal financial gain.

Here is where the “HA! I told you so!!!” comes into play. Before the Christmas break, rumor had it that she was coming back to run only one event. Ignorantly she sent me an email asking why her login to our business application was not working and if she can get it reset. For one she didn’t work there anymore (she technically is not in the books, kinda like under the table thing), and two it was against company security policy to allow any non employee access to any business applications with customer records associated with it. I instructed my boss about her email, and he said that it was approved by our top boss that she could gain access. Being the outspoken activist within my company for complete security of MY systems and database, I told him that it was a very bad idea to let anyone, let alone her have access to our business applications, that she had a tendency to try to change things that she wasn’t supposed to. Beyond my control, he added her account and she was away and causing havoc. Today, one of my bosses entered my office and was demanding why certain records were not showing up, along with some colleagues asking about other records. I thought to myself, “Funny how all of these records pertain to the same event that this incompetent woman was running.” After 2 long wasted hours of my day, it was discovered that she changed some things to the event which caused a minor inconvenience to other records, all of which had to be manually changed in the database. My immediate supervisor asked what was going on and I simply said “HA! I told you so!!!, Since they insisted on given her access, they allowed someone without proper knowledge to gain access to our records and she messed a lot of stuff up.” I was last told that he will discuss this issue with our head boss about this womans access and what she can and cannot do.

It is inevitable that I will end up with more stress wrinkles on my forehead then a Sharpei has all over its body because of the incompetence and ignorance that dwells in my company.

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