Breakfast bounces off the plates – Laugh of the Day

A full English breakfast with scrambled eggs, ...

Oh my son, you gotta love him. He has the heart of gold, a caring soul and a mind that will make him your best friend, not to mention he is intimidating in size. I am teaching him how to cook and for the most part he does well. The timing of making food for him is a little off though.

It is his girlfriend’s 17th birthday today, and instead of going out for a breakfast, he decided he wanted to make her breakfast (she didn’t spend the night, she came over in the morning). I woke this morning with the delicious fatty aroma of bacon, buttery eggs and Hazelnut java brewing in the pot. My mouth was watering. I proceeded to the kitchen, where I saw the succulent meals prepared on their plates and no one in sight to eat it. In comes the morning chef and I ask what time she was coming over. He stated that she will be coming over at 9:00 am, mind you it is only 8:00 am at this point. I took a second look at him when he told me this and explained that making breakfast is a timing thing, especially when you make eggs; bacon is good whenever you eat it. I took a taste of some of the eggs and as expected they were rubbery and very cold. The look on his face was devastating to say the least. I knew this was important to him and wished he would have consulted with me prior to making the breakfast so i could have told him when to start everything.

It was a rush to get something else on those plates. Not enough eggs so that is out of the question. Pancakes, no pre-made mix, but that hasn’t stopped us before. Oh wait no baking powder, oh well I know of recipes that do not include that. We got into breakfast rush time, whipped up the batter and made the pancakes. While cooking we didn’t see the typical bubbles exploding on the surface but figured that was just because there was no baking powder. He made two for her, and two for him and I made three for me. I excused myself to my room to eat. The taste of these pancakes, was that of a rubbery, smooth consistency and felt heavy on the pallet. My son sent me a text from the kitchen saying they tasted nasty but that his girlfriend was happily eating them. He knew she was just being nice, but he knew that they rest of the day would make up for the rubbery fake breakfast.

Gotta give the kid credit though, although the breakfast was a failure, he kept his head up and tried to make it great. We gotta just work on his timing next time.

3 comments on “Breakfast bounces off the plates – Laugh of the Day

  1. Kids you gotta love em. When they’re in love they’ll tolerate just about anything. Even exploding pancakes. You’re right about one thing. Bacon is good anytime!!!!

  2. Ahh, I think it is so super sweet that he wanted to make breakfast for his girlfriend. Good for him and good job to you for teaching him how to cook.

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