The Don of Anti-Mafia’s – Laugh of the Day

Mafia Sign - Paris France

So there I was heading out of my office to get some refreshing ice-cold water, when I see two young adults standing at my colleagues door. To what do my curious ears hear, they informing him that at our place of employment, the young IT programmers are trying to start a union (better term is mafia) and was wondering if he wanted to sign a petition and get information in regards to what the mafia has to offer. As I strolled past I let out a loud, “Oh Hell No!!!, imagine referring to your union as P.U. for Programmers Union, it will work just as bad as it sounds.”

Leisurely strolling back around the corner, still laughing at the thought of the P.U., I see these two yahoo mafia inductees standing in my door. The look on their face was priceless; A stern, proud, and aggressive demeanor but their eyes showing fear, they begin opening their sewage holes about joining the P.U.. Their failed attempt of looking tought, was met with my bald-headed thug glare to their nervous eyes, and I promptly said “Don’t even think about talking to me about a union, they are a corrupt group of mafia impersonators only wanting to take advantage of people, promote laziness, corrupt the government and are a waste of time.” I sat down and they stepped forward continuing to spew union garbage. I stood up, walked towards them and as soon as they passed through the doorway to my programming sanctuary, I kicked the doorstop away and slammed the door in their ignorant faces. After, I heard a loud laugh coming from behind me, through my colleagues wall. And I hear faintly, “Only you can get away with that kind of stuff!! Nice job!”


7 comments on “The Don of Anti-Mafia’s – Laugh of the Day

  1. The answer is yes. It’s already turned into a snake pit and they’ve already started bad mouthing me. Which was expected. Over my filing. I expected it. I had an expanded folder A-Z and when I’d get mail, I’d put it in there because it was file or do legal work. When I’d pull a file, I’d put the filing away. I’m sure they’ll find other things to complain about but they neglect the very real fact that I was never spoon fed my work like they all are now. So, I’ll take the filing hit. He won’t come begging, the girlfriend doesn’t like me and has control issues. Hell, so do all the other women who now work there. They “are not” team player oriented these women, they are suck up oriented to beat one another out. Except my peanut and perhaps the new older woman they hired. She’s in for a big surprise.

      • LOL 🙂 Which part ? The whole thing … the whole thing stinks. It really does. They didn’t run the place right. I have another post to get off my chest. Apparently, lots of people have been getting whacked with extra federal taxes and the payroll guy has had 10 calls prior to mine asking the same questions. I am going to ask an accountant though. Just to clarify it. It’s ridiculous. SO … if you mean the taxes thing, apparently this is something many people are going through. So, I have to take that part back. Which I will do now… I’m still unsure how that happens though because it’s not logical to me. I would like further clarification on this whole thing.

        • Oh I was referring to the deceitful way your boss played it off in the morning that he didn’t know what happened to your pay check and why it was so high, when all along he knew exactly what was going on.

          • Oh. ya. That was horrible. There I was all happy thinking “maybe” I’d finally gotten recognizing and thinking all happy thoughts, called him and he was very short with me… yah, said he had to ask his girlfriend. And you know? I felt weird about everything for a couple or more weeks too. At least I really see how … well, how I really do see things in a brighter possibility way. The shame of this situation is that it wasn’t true. So… yah that was douche.

            • Isn’t it pathetic to even fathom the thought that such a weak minded, spineless individual could manage people, let alone a company? If he comes begging to get you back, tell him double your pay and you will THINK about it.

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