Healthy eating leads to health issues – Thought of the Day

52 Weeks - Week 5 - Food Allergy and Intoloren...

Isn’t it ironic that just about the time when health issues and these ridiculous food allergies started rearing their ugly heads about the same time all of those health nuts and parent advocacy groups started forcing government and food processors to replace the great yummy stuff we experienced within our foods and stop giving meat and poultry steroid injections. I mean when I was a teenager I never heard of anyone having allergies to peanuts.

4 comments on “Healthy eating leads to health issues – Thought of the Day

  1. naaah, these allergies have always been around. I think we didn’t hear about them as often or unless we knew someone who did have them. I mean look at the internet today filled with articles and things first thing in the morning? It’s like BLAP ! more stuff … read it, read it! LOL … and many things are written with so much authority as if nothing is going to change. Like “ever”.

    • The only allergies I ever heard about was grass, pollen and the like. I want to eat what i want without any Advocacy Groups telling me whats good and whats not. I remember the good old days when Mcdonalds chicken nuggets included dark meat.

      • I don’t remember hearing about allergies either when I was younger except the ones you’re talking about. I didn’t develop those until I was older but it was right around the same time I got cats too. LOL 🙂 So… it’s been a combination. Oh man, I know you’re talking about food but guinea pigs? OMG I’m so allergic to their fur … and they’re so cute!

        Agh see when I was little we didn’t go to fast food restaurants all that much. White Castle now and then but other fast food places? Unheard of … what does bother me (and my system for that matter) is all the processed food that are SO high in sodium. It’s literally forcing me to shift my eating habits to more healthy things that are not processed. Even that feels hard but then I feel better too, so… I have to. Which is fine…

        So! Here’s to personal choice honey! Don’t listen to them. LOL 🙂

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