Let’s eat it! – Thought of the Day

A fried egg, sunny side up.

Every wonder about the first person to eat an egg. Sitting there watching your chickens, all of a sudden a white oval thing pops out of the chickens butt. You think to yourself, “Well ay be, that looks pretty darn yummy. Hey Ma! fire up the skillet, Ima fixin to fry up this thing that just popped out of our hens butt.” Just imagine, without the curiosity that enthrall our lives we wouldn’t have some very delicious things to eat.


4 comments on “Let’s eat it! – Thought of the Day

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  2. There are days that I think that same thing as I am collecting the eggs! Sort of, really, this came out of a bird’s behind… and I will eat it and it will be good. How did we know that the egg would be good and the poo would be caca?
    Thanks for the link!

  3. How about the firs person who saw a cow and said “I’m going to go over to that cow and squeeze one of those things hanging down under that cow and what comes out I’m going to drink”. Just imagine how many people had to die in order to determine what was and wasn’t eatable. Thank God for history.

  4. hahahaha! It’s SO funny that you brought this up today. I was thinking about this the other day! My superb guess is that someone was hungry, some animal was seen eating a raw egg, a human didn’t like the texture and with our big brains and all… one grunted (cavemen lol) to the other and was like, let’s cook it!

    Snicker… Giggle. 🙂

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