Just look outside for a change – Irony of the Day

English: Photo of a sunset on the Beach in Ven...

So yesterday morning I was listening to the ol’ faithful (loud throat clearing moment) Dallas Raines. He proceed to tell the viewing audience that it was currently sunny and warm with a slight chance of rain in the evening. I just happened to be stepping outside while I heard this “fortune-teller” like forecaster ramble on about the sunny days of Southern California, when I look up and what do I see. Not a single speck of blue sky anywhere. It was kind of hard to keep my head up from the raindrops that kept hitting my face. I looked left, then to the right, spun around jumped up and down, looked north and proceeded south, I couldn’t believe the lies that were coming out of his mouth.

For once I would like to see these weather forecasters with their multi-million dollar forecasting systems admit that they have absolutely no clue what it looks like outside. How hard is it to go out side look up and look at a thermometer and say “Good Morning, Southern California I am standing outside right now and as you can see on this thermometer, that it is a cold 51 degrees and there are numerous grey clouds out this morning. Be prepared for the possibility of rain.” This would make it seem more real that they actually know what they are talking about.

Hell, give me $100,000 a year and I will look outside and tell Southern California what the real weather is. And I bet I would get it right more often then the weather forecasters do.

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