Here’s half the rent – Laugh of the Day

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Ok so this may be almost a month gone past but I was just wondering, what is your most memorable April Fools Joke?

Here is mine that almost was:

Starting at the beginning of this year, each month, I re-landscaped a different section of my rented house’s yard. I purchased fist size river rock, flowers and shrubs and other stuff to make it look nice. All-in-All I think the total cost so far for everything has been around $500. Ok wait, let’s rewind a little so I can give you a synopsis of the house I am referring to. The house that I am renting is as 2-bedroom, all hardwood floor single story family home. It has a laundry room, nice size kitchen with a dining area, a huge living room and two good size bedrooms and a full bath, all for the low price of $1000. I am not saying that sarcastically, as single bedroom apartments in my area go for well above $1300 a month. The lady I rent from is wonderful and sweet. Although she cannot find employment and has some serious health problems she usually finds a way to smile and laugh.

Ok back to the fool’s joke. Come April 1st, rent day, I thought to myself “Hmmmm, I am gonna scare my landlord in believing that I am stiffing her on some of this months rent.” Now granted she has had past tenants that have completely skipped out on paying rent and she has had some very horrendous tenants in the past, that’s why I have to pay with a money order or cashiers check each month. So what I did was split the rent into two equal cashiers checks. I wrote a note explaining that I am only going to pay half of the rent for the month of April as I am taking the other half away for the landscaping I did. I placed it in the envelope and proceeded to walk up to her door to place it in the mailbox, then my phone rang…

Me: “Hi Devon.”
Callie: “This is Callie Matt, my mom is in the ER.”
Me: “What happened?”
Callie: “You know she hasn’t been feeling well after the cancer scare she had? Well she is having a hard time breathing but looks like she is doin ok.”
Me: “Oh tell her she is in my prayers and I hope she feels better.”
Callie: “I will, were you planning to drop the rent off tonight?”
Me: “Yeah I was just about to drop it off. Want me to wait?”
Callie: “Yeah could you, we should be home tomorrow.”
Me: “Ok, see ya then. Bye.”

As I slowly turned grudgingly slouched to my car, I chuckled at the irony. Upon returning the next day, I explained to my landlord what I was gonna do and as her eyes opened wide, she broke a smile and said, “Thank god you didn’t cause that would have sent me into a coronary.” I gave her the full rent and after hung out for a while to chit-chat. You see, any landlord who treats their tenants great like she does, deserves to be respected in return, the tenants should be happy to make their home look nice in turn making sure that their landlords home is kept up.

Ok so mine was kind of anti-climatic. Now let me hear your Joke for the April fools in your life?

Throw out the moldy cheese? – Thought of the Day


If cheese organically contains molds when purchased, why do we throw cheese away if more mold grows on it?

Save the groin – Thought of the Day

3G Newport 3-Speed -- Side View

So its been awhile, have had a lot of stuff go on in the past few months that have kept me away. Here is a thought for you, why is it that they make a bike for men with a cross bar straight in front of us, yet on a woman’s bike their cross bar scoops down. Men have more to lose if they fall forward. OUCH!