One of the most irritating sounds – Thought of the Day

I hear it everyday. You the same, you just may not know it. On the hard dry concrete, the wet dew moistened grass or the electrically charged carpet it’s inevitable and desired. Desired to be lazy effortless the sounds that derives from dragging ones feet across the waiting ground is absolute terror to the ears. Why do individuals insist on not walking properly by picking up their damn feet. Not only is it bad for their shoes and legs but also for others ears.

It’s not a square trying to fit into a circle.


Company urinal not serving its purpose

PhD Mathematicians and Scientists, their minds are brilliant. With theory, probability and complexing enigmatic solutions to conundrums of the ages, they work diligently to solve mankind’s greatest questions. With the grey matter that they hold so dear and have evolved to a much deeper grey they are able to find solutions and answers for life’s most demanding questions.

SO! How damn hard is it to find a solution for the emptying of ones bladder into the urinal it is intended?

Here is one of those enigmatic conundrums that are still unsolved. Coming into work at 6:00 am everyday, it is peaceful, quiet and serene even. The halls have an eerie dark peacefulness lurking in the air, rooms still without light rest peacefully till the morning sun rise and the bathrooms sparkle fragrently ready to serve all of its patrons. As usual, the honor goes to the early worker who enjoys the cleanliness and serenity of the comfortable bathroom. Visitors begin to arrive before the rest of the building personnel does and they too get the gratification of using a still uncontaminated bathroom. One last trip before the rest of the colleagues arrive, the serenity, the sparkle the sweet aroma of Pine Sol has dissipated and been replaced with the aromas of laziness and thoughtless acts. The serenity has been replaced with a sense of stress and uneasiness. The sweet aromas of cleaning solutions have been replaced with a smell of testosterone laden dogs marking their territories. The clean sparkle, replaced with puddles of sparkling yellow liquid on the blue tiles reaching up to invite the iron stomached guests.

Between the time after the first patron visited and the second return, individuals, who should have the mental capacity to fit a needle in a hula hoop, have found a way to desecrate a hard nights work by those that scrub and toil away on the grime of society.

Scientists, your minds are able to solve the theory and wonders of the world, therefore solve the mysterious hypothesis that is about to be presented to you:

Hypothesis: A stream of water, with a maximum diameter of 1/8 of an inch, being forced out of a cylinder at the rate of 25 miles an hour should be capable of hitting its target with a maximum diameter of 1 1/2 feet wide by 1 1/2 feet high, one hundred percent of the time.

Mathematicians, your minds see numbers, formulas and complexities abound, solving the means of accomplishment by numbers you should be able to answer this probability:

What is the probability of a small stream of water, being projected at a 40 degree arching angle at high velocity, hitting a circular target 2 inches wide with a 1 foot margin of error in diameter?

If either of your brilliant minds can solve the questions presented to you, please next time, put it into practice and hit your targets.