Hibernation is over for your senior stressee


Oh ye, year of 2012, how you had flown by.

Welcome back, my dear daily stressees’, oh how long it has been. Come summertime, and your lead stressee decided to take a long hibernation to focus on critical items of interest. I have missed you all so.

A quick catchup query of the second better half of our old 2012 satirical stresses have a common sound.

We had our glorious grown grey matter morons
still not comprehending everyday social activities and interactions,
Only concerned for science the universe
Mathematics as multiplication, division, subtraction and additions.

A cynical sound of major irritation
that drives the nerves to quiver,
We cannot stop those irritations
just shake our head and allow our body to shiver.

Frustrations of sound prejudice
without a hint of easement or relief,
Trying to stop the insanity around would be futile
through sharp tongue and without error of disbelief.

Even political, maniacle resolution
that will be the cause of demise of our nation,
Through greed, treason and incompetence
we all begin year 2013, in a resolve clean relaxation.

Hibernation for this young cub is a rare instance indeed, and promises of promiscuous paraphrasing will be abundant this year. Let us keep our frigid fingers crossed in hope this year will be just as energetically enjoyable as the last.

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