Leap frog with the fishes – Laugh of the Day

20130223_174038Spring is a comin’! Oh the joys and jolly’s that come with springtime. The trees are starting to awaken from their winter slumber. The roses beginning to stretch its tiny sprouts sideways, up ways and cross ways. The flowers are starting to stir beneath their protective winter coat of shells. The mosquitoes begin the dance of spring love… Oh no mosquitoes!

The peaceful pond that resides in a small corner of the yard has enjoyed a pest free fall and wet winter. Yet, all that seems forgetful, for now comes the emphatic emergency response to ensure that the scenic spring and pale summer for the residents of and around the pond can enjoy the world without being sucked dry of their hemoglobin. A trip up the mountains, to a hideaway water garden store provided the super pest remover needed along with a side-show of belly rolling laughs. Mosquito’s hate one particular water dweller, and that is the king mosquito hunter himself, the mosquito fish. This store did not simply provide a small stock to choose from but over 15 water gardens to acquire the sleeping super hunters from beneath the depths of the water surface.

Sure one may explore the confines of a local pet depot and tap on the thick plastic glass that provides a barrier between oneself and the water dwellers, but those fish are spoiled and serene in their perfectly tempered water elements and fake air bubbling to the surface. However, for the outside pond enthusiast, one must consider the elements of Mother Nature, the boiling heat, the frigid water chilling cold and the down-pours of clouds crying. Given these circumstances and the fact of living outside during these occurrences, these are the super fish that are desired for the wonderful water landscapes. 20 of such super hunters is what I was after.

The young gentlemen, talk and lanky, grabbed the extended large net and a low rimmed bucket. As he pursued his hunt down the small hill, looking to the immediate left one could see a small wash tub full of these super hunters. With a head scratch and shrug of the shoulders, the eyes peered at the eager young lad performing an act of pure chuckles. Guessing that these fish are speedy little buggers, the talk lanky legs of this gentleman aided in a flight of leaps and bounds over the rocks, around the edges and over the ponds to catch these super fish. After an amusing medium of an hour passed, the smile exuding a grand accomplishment and the deep gasping for air after a deep jungle mission of source, could only produce a burst of laughter from both. No explanation was given nor needed. With transaction receipt in hand and the super hunters on their way to their new home, one could only imagine why can’t all employees perform like that for their customers.

PhD Nazi at your service – Stresser of the Day

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Photo credit: rwoan)

PhD holders be on the look out for a down-to-earth thinker called the “PhD Nazi“.

PhD’s, ah the Doctors of Philosophy. Those whom study hard and pay through the keester for an over-priced education, just so they can wave it around and believe in their own philosophical warped-fantasy world that they are above all us commoners by simply the power of having more knowledge. Mind you, not by acquisitions of vast knowledge of many things, but a vast knowledge of one minute particle of existence that is a small part of everyday existence. Medical and Psychological PhD’s need not to heed this warning as your services are greatly appreciated and have been found many times over useful.

No, the “PhD Nazi” is after those PhD’s that signify knowledge of quirks, space and numbers. The Scientific and Mathematical PhD’s that is. These living under a rock-bound hermits have no clue of common sense nor do they contain the skills to correspond with any other human outside of their own “clique.” Their reading and comprehension skills are putrid and lacking any type of useful English understanding. Their arrogance, unkept and bizarre existence amongst normal civilization seems to be upheld by some strange law that the piece of paper with the words PhD means that they should be served by those with less possessions. Yet, with such a vast knowledge of one minute atom of civilized existence, they do hold in their possession the incompetence and social distortion of a bully.

If the “PhD Nazi” should run into one of these neurotic self-proclaimed deities, you will hear a loud “No PhD for you!”