Fossil ears appropriating grouchy

Tempered glass rolled down, rubber laid on the asphalt cruising around exposing others to the nerve burning thumps of bass, the high pitches of tweeters and incomprehensible vocals. Many an aures of homines become perturbed by this invasion of physical pollution.

T’was one aspect when it is being spewed by the blossoming youth, tis another when the proverbial smack across the face comes striking fast and firm, when it is the self that is bothered by the blaring of decibels of their own music. To aquire irritation and scold at the self to lower reverberations is when the realization kicks in that age is creeping by quite rapidly.

Required standardized chaos, Participation optional

The befuddled banner banter may confuse the mind, however the comprehension of the target of why this is uttered will bring forth a luminous understanding and a quick chuckle.

Imagine if you will, the deep pockets to your company along with five of your sister companies, has had it up to the proverbial chin with the constantly inconsistent data they receive from half of your group. The financier’s toady proceeds to gather the heads of the IT departments to inform all, in order to appease the deep pocket gods, a software package to normalize all of the incoming data is required. Over the past half a year, requirements have been presented, removed and altered. Half of the companies are in full agreement with such a normalization software package as well as utilize such. However, the other half, the half that are the culprits to the bad data are opposed to the entire idea.

And on the seventh month, the gods stepped down and noted, all data within the reports are required to be standardized using the forthcoming software, but it is an optional step…

Yes, please scratch the imaginary question mark and try to make sense of the conundrum.

Now, imagine the deep pockets come from none other than the “by the book” Federal Government. Excuse the momentary delay, while the tongue is firmly removed from inside the cheek. Now, do not consider this as a current administration faux pas, as this type of conscience confusion has been in existence well before the unfiltered hyperbole of the current administration took office.

Therefore, in a world where standardization should be the norm, when chaos ensues, optional requirements is not an oxymoron that one wants to hear. Intelligent deep pockets appear to be synonymous to the infamous jumbo shrimp.

Darwins merriment of the chosen few

Things children say, the one liner that embodies their innocence, their ignorance of life experiences and their simple means by which to be included, these are the instances of which ensues a smile from the adult world. Games children play… these are instances to which companions a slow side to side jostling of the rational and logical head of the adult world.

Charles Darwin, the British naturalist, conceptualised in so many words “Only the strong shall survive, and continue the progression of their species.” In theory, with the games the youthful play nowadays, Darwin should have been classified as a genius philosopher.

With the advent of social media, and the countless drones of mindless participants crying out for acceptance and love from those they will never become formally acquainted with, came a new trend. The trend of mindless and haphazard challenges emerged as an acceptable form of recognition and inclusive herding of those that find a dire need to be noticed.

There has been the “Boiling Water Challenge,” the “Fire Challenge,” the “Fainting Challenge” and even the “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” which the latter was even named after a spoiled drab and mindless individual whom has a desire and yearning for acceptance and an unobtainable conclusion as to why the teenage girls idolize her. The chosen merriment of Darwin’s’ theory, prevailing throughout the world of digital friendship and aiding in the eradication of the weak is the mind-numbing “Tide Pod Challenge.” The perfect challenge, the final destination for those few that have obtained the intelligence quotient of the national speed limit and the desire to be included in the exclusive club of those that prove Darwin’s concept of evolution is the correct path. Apace the details, these sedimentary heedless halfwits take a small soft plastic container filled with a suicidal toxic mixture of cleaning chemicals in their mouths and procede to bite and break open the pod recklessly spewing the toxic mixture into their mouths.

With these feeble minded Darwin award recipients running amock, one needs to evalaute the generational tree these individuals got dropped on their heads from.

Althought the crooks in the neck are sore and pity falls on these individuals, a standing ovation must be given for the feeble mindedness leading the nomiations for the Darwin Awards.


Precious fur-babies running amock

Oh the joys of having a canine companion. Unbridled and unconditional love, individual characteristics and sometimes goofiness, the mental stability and the dependence all of which are reasons to that our canine friends and family provide us as a daily dose of pleasure.

For most, we do all we can to ensure that our canine family members, or as some have come to coin the phrase “fur-babies”… My apologies, clearing my throat of the vomit from that word coming out through my fingers. Anyway,  we do all we can to ensure that they are fed right, bathed, housed and generally cared for. That also includes ensuring their safety when we are not at home, by securing our property the best we can so they do not wander off like a toddler ready to explore the world. These pet-owners, well this is not directed at you, but it should make you wander if the following should even be calling their canines, “fur-babies,” or even having human children for that matter.

Being part of a group on Facebook, aptly named VictorValley Pets, one sees all too often the same “fur-babies” getting out and the owners frantically posting about their lost “fur-babies,”  yet again. As well, living next to a couple referring to their canines the same, and yet have done nothing to ensure that their 2 “babies” do not get out, makes one wonder what kind of parents all of these people would actually make. If you love your canines that much to call them your “fur-babies,” ensure their safety as well.

If one sits and ponders the canine personalities, our loyal best-friends have the inquisitive and intellectual tendencies of a toddler. Would anyone in their right mind, allow their toddler to walk leisurly next to them in public without giving them much thought? Would they leave the front door unlocked, gates open or an inviting sign outdoors to go explore the world… metaphorically speaking of course? Those that are true “fur-baby” parents, ensure their canines are securily in their property, ensures that holes being dug are thwarted and corrected, holes in fences are properly mended to prevent future escapes into the wild world of discovery.

So here is a cheers to those fur-baby parents that do all they can to help their fur-babies stay with them for as long as they possibly can. To you others that the latter part of this covers, either learn how to properly care for them or adopt them out to parents who will take care of them properly.