Secede to written redemption

The past was riddled with failure of parenthood. Nonhearted reconciliation promises made to others were genuine falicies, meant for nothing and meant to simply appease those that ultimately wish that family forgive and move on.

Attempts made have fallen amid pathetic excuses, pathetic guises of sincerety. Once crazy was the mind, but will not fall into the realm of insanity. Repeating attempts has been deemed futile and worthless. There is no point to continue a wasteful cycle of asking and attempting.  Almost like a begging dog, it became pathetic on its own part to consider continuing.

Apologies therefore will not be spoken with lips, but with written notes. These notes will be handed to another to give to the others. A heartfealt, true apology and a forever goodbye contained within these written words. A heartfealt, true gratefulness and reward contained within other written words for others.

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