About the Daily Stresser

Our daily lives; Some days the mind, body and soul survive unscathed and blissful, others leave the mind boggled and itching, the body slumped in metaphoric pain and sore and the soul searching for answers to the unexplained. Those that prepare for those numbing days can move forward particularly unscathed, while others just need a quick pick up of funnies based on those stressful times in their lives.

Whether is be from times with family or friends, to your choice of employment or from simply walking along in life, we all see things that make our orbital cavities strain and our necks crook from head-shaking and our minds ask in hind-sight… “Why?”

Amusement, stress and questions surround everyone. As you follow along through daily life, you will laugh, argue, scratch your head and question life.

If you experience these and other stressers and would like them turned into a laughable moment, send them this way and I will make a consorted effort to present those stressers from a twisted and laughable point of view.

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