About the Daily Stresser

Living in the High Desert of Southern California and working in West Los Angeles with a daily round-trip commute of 200.2 miles and a total average of 7 hours drive time, I get to see a lot of things that would cause stress, a head scratch and even a few chuckles.

Working for a company that has no formal business processes or structure, co-workers that have given up all dreams of caring for what they do and clients who may even though have very high IQ’s have no idea how to follow simple to read instructions, nor do they consider the fact that we do have a start time and end time for work each day and for some do not know the actual concept of privacy in the restroom. But, in the end I love all my fellow co-workers and cherish and love my career.

Family life includes a divorce, 2 natural kids whom do not speak to me anymore, both parents are divorced and remarried and a dysfunctional extended family of aunts, uncles and the like that I love.

Amusement, stress and questions surround me. As you follow along with me through my life, you will laugh, argue, scratch your head and question life.


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