Precious fur-babies running amock

Oh the joys of having a canine companion. Unbridled and unconditional love, individual characteristics and sometimes goofiness, the mental stability and the dependence all of which are reasons to that our canine friends and family provide us as a daily dose of pleasure.

For most, we do all we can to ensure that our canine family members, or as some have come to coin the phrase “fur-babies”… My apologies, clearing my throat of the vomit from that word coming out through my fingers. Anyway,  we do all we can to ensure that they are fed right, bathed, housed and generally cared for. That also includes ensuring their safety when we are not at home, by securing our property the best we can so they do not wander off like a toddler ready to explore the world. These pet-owners, well this is not directed at you, but it should make you wander if the following should even be calling their canines, “fur-babies,” or even having human children for that matter.

Being part of a group on Facebook, aptly named VictorValley Pets, one sees all too often the same “fur-babies” getting out and the owners frantically posting about their lost “fur-babies,”  yet again. As well, living next to a couple referring to their canines the same, and yet have done nothing to ensure that their 2 “babies” do not get out, makes one wonder what kind of parents all of these people would actually make. If you love your canines that much to call them your “fur-babies,” ensure their safety as well.

If one sits and ponders the canine personalities, our loyal best-friends have the inquisitive and intellectual tendencies of a toddler. Would anyone in their right mind, allow their toddler to walk leisurly next to them in public without giving them much thought? Would they leave the front door unlocked, gates open or an inviting sign outdoors to go explore the world… metaphorically speaking of course? Those that are true “fur-baby” parents, ensure their canines are securily in their property, ensures that holes being dug are thwarted and corrected, holes in fences are properly mended to prevent future escapes into the wild world of discovery.

So here is a cheers to those fur-baby parents that do all they can to help their fur-babies stay with them for as long as they possibly can. To you others that the latter part of this covers, either learn how to properly care for them or adopt them out to parents who will take care of them properly.

Bulldog confirms gas tank full with a toot of his horn – Laugh of the Day

French Bulldog

Image via Wikipedia

My car was in the shop the past two days for a chronic oil leak, so bad that it would give the police a trail right to my door. As I entered the office, a cute thick French Bulldog greeted me, snorting and jumping around. The mechanic ran down the list of fixes he did, and the checks he made and the fluids he topped off. In the end it only cost me $167.00 for everything, not that bad I thought. Before he handed me the keys he mentioned to me that he also topped off my gas tank.

I kindly looked at him, thanked him and asked what kind of gas did he put in the tank. At that exact moment I finished my question, that cute thick French Bulldog farted loudly. Ryan, the mechanic, looked at the dog then at me and said “Did that answer your question?”