Throw out the moldy cheese? – Thought of the Day


If cheese organically contains molds when purchased, why do we throw cheese away if more mold grows on it?

Hurry up and wait – Laugh of the Day

You see the signs in other countries that translate to English something strange or funny. You get a good chuckle or a quick scratch of the head to try to comprehend if it is even possible. But what happens when a sign written in plain English is written so absurdly that you have to snap a picture and show it off to everyone.

I frequent a local gas station many times on my way home from work throughout the year. The employees are friendly and great and know me by name. They offer everything you can think of in a convenience store, even fresh fruit. Most of the foods and drink there you can purchase, open and enjoy immediately. Now take a look at the photo and tell me what is wrong with the photo.

Let’s eat it! – Thought of the Day

A fried egg, sunny side up.

Every wonder about the first person to eat an egg. Sitting there watching your chickens, all of a sudden a white oval thing pops out of the chickens butt. You think to yourself, “Well ay be, that looks pretty darn yummy. Hey Ma! fire up the skillet, Ima fixin to fry up this thing that just popped out of our hens butt.” Just imagine, without the curiosity that enthrall our lives we wouldn’t have some very delicious things to eat.

Healthy eating leads to health issues – Thought of the Day

52 Weeks - Week 5 - Food Allergy and Intoloren...

Isn’t it ironic that just about the time when health issues and these ridiculous food allergies started rearing their ugly heads about the same time all of those health nuts and parent advocacy groups started forcing government and food processors to replace the great yummy stuff we experienced within our foods and stop giving meat and poultry steroid injections. I mean when I was a teenager I never heard of anyone having allergies to peanuts.

Breakfast bounces off the plates – Laugh of the Day

A full English breakfast with scrambled eggs, ...

Oh my son, you gotta love him. He has the heart of gold, a caring soul and a mind that will make him your best friend, not to mention he is intimidating in size. I am teaching him how to cook and for the most part he does well. The timing of making food for him is a little off though.

It is his girlfriend’s 17th birthday today, and instead of going out for a breakfast, he decided he wanted to make her breakfast (she didn’t spend the night, she came over in the morning). I woke this morning with the delicious fatty aroma of bacon, buttery eggs and Hazelnut java brewing in the pot. My mouth was watering. I proceeded to the kitchen, where I saw the succulent meals prepared on their plates and no one in sight to eat it. In comes the morning chef and I ask what time she was coming over. He stated that she will be coming over at 9:00 am, mind you it is only 8:00 am at this point. I took a second look at him when he told me this and explained that making breakfast is a timing thing, especially when you make eggs; bacon is good whenever you eat it. I took a taste of some of the eggs and as expected they were rubbery and very cold. The look on his face was devastating to say the least. Continue reading