It’s almost over? But… no it can’t be

Desert_backyardThree glorious weeks of exclusive self-absorption and personal relaxation, oh the joys of the holiday season. Each year yours truly is forced to take off 2 weeks for the holidays, at my own expense mind you, and I add a third just for good measure. Prior to hunkering the shop for the closing year and preparing for the onslaught of the next, visions and plans raced through my head of what I had planned at home.

A new home I settled into at the first of the year, a whole acre of beautiful luscious… sand. Alright there is more to the land then just the dreary tan of the gritty earth, but looking out it’s perfect, it’s virgin and it’s just waiting to be molded into a perfect landscape of vegetables and fruits and a picture perfect desert oasis. There is trimming, raking, weeding and theading abound, mulching and dozing the earth for it to be fertility sound, revamping with repairs, replacements, whosits and whatits with thatches and catches… oops sorry was thinking about “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” My home, a place I rent but one day will own, needs some love and care and I had plans to conquer some of those on my glorious break from the stress and conundrum of intellects at work.

Looking back as those quiet days come to a close, as I glance out my back window chugging my hot coffee, damn I haven’t done a single thing. As I shake my head, I realize… this place isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.

Daughter disses dad for the holidays – Stresser of the Day

Father and daughter, Poland

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This stresser is dedicated to a man who has dedicated himself to his family without prejudice, sacrificed without blame and stands for all that is good in a father, my best-friend in the whole world.

I do not understand how a father who has done everything in his power to ensure that his children are happy, healthy and living decently (even renting one of them a 2 story house) can be treated like he is lower than dirt by one of his children. It is sad that regressive memories and a sense of entitlement can turn a daughter into a ruthless, heartless broom who sweeps those of no interest to her under the rug.

I was told today by my best-friend, that his daughter wasn’t coming by for Christmas, because she would have to wake up earlier than she usually does to stop by and visit her father, who has given her the world, for even 15 minutes on Christmas day. Mind you, she passes his house every time she goes to her mother’s house, which are about 10 minutes apart. This is where she was heading today, to see her mother and her mother’s family for Christmas. Instead, she wanted to have her and her children’s present delivered to her by her brother. This wouldn’t even be a possibility Continue reading

Spoiled bosses ruin Christmas vacation – Stresser of the Day

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

So I have taken a two-week vacation for this Christmas, plans of relaxation and work around the house turn my stress into a sense of calm and tranquility. Like a brick thrown through a stained glass window, the smiles and relaxation begin crashing down. The bosses at where I work have become so spoiled in getting what they want, that they believe that a vacation for an employee does not constitute an actual departure away from work in its entirety.

My immediate supervisor put out an APB to everyone at my place of business that all work on our website and business software needed to be brought to my attention prior to the close of Thursday, did anyone listen… No! of course not why would they. Instead of respecting the vacation time of an employee they would rather continue kissing the asses of those not directly associated with our business and/or continue to whine like little babies trying to get their way. Newsflash people!! I already have an 8-year-old and 7-year-old who try that whining with me, and as some of you know, that whining does not work with me.

I am respecting my supervisors instructions and ignoring those whiny little peons until I get back. Next time, you might want to consider reading your email thoroughly and understand that unless it is a business halting emergency, all your ridiculous miniscule requests will go unanswered until I resume work in the New Year.

Jewish man gets Christmas card – Irony of the Day

So at work, we are being persuaded to sign Christmas cards for people; One, that do not work at our company, Two, I do not know who these people even are and Three, we do not know their religious denomination or celebratory acts for the Holidays.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if our big wigs accidentally gave a Jewishman a Merry Christmas card or a Black woman a Happy Hanukkah card or a Hispanic man a Happy Kwanza card?

American card, circa 1940

Why are we even doing this and why is it expected for the employees to sign a card for someone they do not even know or have seen.