The Synthetic Seven penultimate stresser

Tonight is not the night to be poetic and imaginative, it is a night to be blunt and be myself. Well would you look at that… The author has actual referred to himself for once.

We all have stresses in our lives, covering the seven entities of our outward beings. I call these the “Synthetic Seven.” These entities include social, family, friendship, work, love, home and the most difficult, internal self. All of these entities have affected each and every one of us negatively one time or another of our lives, whether it be a minute amount or the weight of the world resting upon us. Thus, causing stresses, depression and/or anxiety for ourselves.

My plan is to not discuss each of these with you, my endearing audience, I might glance over a few just to give you a little more insight into your beloved author, but there is a point to this writing and I will eventually get to it. Hopefully, sooner than later as to not bore you much.

The Social Synthetic, the synthetic that involves each and every one of us in social surroundings. Whether it be in a group setting of any size, out and about window-shopping or simply walking down the sidewalk, there are variables that bombard us on a daily basis that test our social interactions. To say the least, socially I am simply awkward. To be straight and honest with you, I am. Shyness, introverted and sometimes reclusive is in my nature. This synthetic will always caused stress, of varying levels, whether it be in a small, medium or large group, even with colleagues and family gatherings.  Anxiety and attacks are never too far away when in these settings. As you can tell, the Social Synthetic resonates from some of other synthetics.

The Work Synthetic, the synthetic that involves our work environments and our personal careers and development. Well as you have read in previous posts this is just plain obvious. However, I do absolutely love my career and place of employment and would never want to change it. Well, unless I won the lottery then I am out!

The Love Synthetic, to say I am jaded is being nice. My love life has basically sucked. Let us put it this way, I have never been the breaker-upper. I have been cheated on multiple times, and have always been the one dumped. So, let us move on because this can be its own post later.

The synthetic that is affecting me right now, it is the one that we all should hold very close and dear to ourselves, The Family Synthetic. For myself, my immediate family is everything. My parents are my confidants, the ones I can spew vulgar and insane thoughts, cry my heart out, basically I can scream, complain, yell, jump up and down, it is all fair game with them. I know I have stressed them out on numerous occasions, had them worry, angry and even feel sorry for me.

I love both of my parents with all of my heart, body and soul. I would die for them, care for them, protect them, basically I would sell my soul to the devil to ensure they are healthy and great. With that being said, this is focused on my father for now. One of the grandeur stresses of the Family Synthetic is when someone is ailing. To know that someone who is considered your best-friend (actually one of my only male friends and by far my true one and only best friend), someone you have looked up to your entire life, a man who portrays strength, wisdom, integrity and the living example of pure unfaltering kindness is suddenly stricken weak. Feeling physically bound at the wrists when one of your parents is weak, is mind-numbing exasperating. Well not exactly stressful, but more or less worrisome, which definitely resonates into stress.

Within the Family Synthetic, and with those that cherish others in their family circle, the fights, arguments, opinions and faults can easily be waded through. Those physical pollutions are the Family Synthetic stresses that can be resolved, reconciled through constructive criticism, discussions, interventions and simply talking with one another. The penultimate element of this synthetic is ailments, the variables that are not entirely controllable. To those of us who are extremely close to our parents, this is the time when our Family Synthetic completely breaks down. When those ailments include hospitalization and life-threatening instances, it feels like a mechanic mixed paint thinner into the oil of a vehicle and you begin to feel the knocking and pinging and the breakdown of your entire engine.

For the past two weeks, my Family Synthetic has broken down.  I have dealt with stress for most of my adult life, as I have aged I have been able to learn how to notice stress and depression arising and deal with those stresses and coping with and neutralizing the depression. However, nothing compares to the complete break down of my stress system due to an extreme life-threatening hospitalization of one of my parents. It is hard, extremely hard to handle the stress that comes with seeing one of your parents in dire-straights and not being able to help whatsoever. I shut down, it was hard and still is for me to attempt at socialization. Talking remotely to family and a few friends made me comfortable. However, being holed up in my comfort zone, my house was where I felt the most peace.

Our Synthetic Seven raise and lower our stresses. Our parents, to those of us that hold close bonds with them, continue to hold them close to our hearts. Although the ultimate stress inevitably comes to the forefront, we are going to hit a stressful deep time in our lives. The love, laughs, good and hard times and the memories we shared with them, will always live on within our hearts…. The Family Synthetic stress will subside, but it will be a struggle. Ultimately, it will test our skill of handling the deepest stresses and we will be stronger from it.

Give your mother, father and step parents (if you have them) deep hugs and show them how precious they are to you and always, show them the love you have for them.

Darwins merriment of the chosen few

Things children say, the one liner that embodies their innocence, their ignorance of life experiences and their simple means by which to be included, these are the instances of which ensues a smile from the adult world. Games children play… these are instances to which companions a slow side to side jostling of the rational and logical head of the adult world.

Charles Darwin, the British naturalist, conceptualised in so many words “Only the strong shall survive, and continue the progression of their species.” In theory, with the games the youthful play nowadays, Darwin should have been classified as a genius philosopher.

With the advent of social media, and the countless drones of mindless participants crying out for acceptance and love from those they will never become formally acquainted with, came a new trend. The trend of mindless and haphazard challenges emerged as an acceptable form of recognition and inclusive herding of those that find a dire need to be noticed.

There has been the “Boiling Water Challenge,” the “Fire Challenge,” the “Fainting Challenge” and even the “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” which the latter was even named after a spoiled drab and mindless individual whom has a desire and yearning for acceptance and an unobtainable conclusion as to why the teenage girls idolize her. The chosen merriment of Darwin’s’ theory, prevailing throughout the world of digital friendship and aiding in the eradication of the weak is the mind-numbing “Tide Pod Challenge.” The perfect challenge, the final destination for those few that have obtained the intelligence quotient of the national speed limit and the desire to be included in the exclusive club of those that prove Darwin’s concept of evolution is the correct path. Apace the details, these sedimentary heedless halfwits take a small soft plastic container filled with a suicidal toxic mixture of cleaning chemicals in their mouths and procede to bite and break open the pod recklessly spewing the toxic mixture into their mouths.

With these feeble minded Darwin award recipients running amock, one needs to evalaute the generational tree these individuals got dropped on their heads from.

Althought the crooks in the neck are sore and pity falls on these individuals, a standing ovation must be given for the feeble mindedness leading the nomiations for the Darwin Awards.


Precious fur-babies running amock

Oh the joys of having a canine companion. Unbridled and unconditional love, individual characteristics and sometimes goofiness, the mental stability and the dependence all of which are reasons to that our canine friends and family provide us as a daily dose of pleasure.

For most, we do all we can to ensure that our canine family members, or as some have come to coin the phrase “fur-babies”… My apologies, clearing my throat of the vomit from that word coming out through my fingers. Anyway,  we do all we can to ensure that they are fed right, bathed, housed and generally cared for. That also includes ensuring their safety when we are not at home, by securing our property the best we can so they do not wander off like a toddler ready to explore the world. These pet-owners, well this is not directed at you, but it should make you wander if the following should even be calling their canines, “fur-babies,” or even having human children for that matter.

Being part of a group on Facebook, aptly named VictorValley Pets, one sees all too often the same “fur-babies” getting out and the owners frantically posting about their lost “fur-babies,”  yet again. As well, living next to a couple referring to their canines the same, and yet have done nothing to ensure that their 2 “babies” do not get out, makes one wonder what kind of parents all of these people would actually make. If you love your canines that much to call them your “fur-babies,” ensure their safety as well.

If one sits and ponders the canine personalities, our loyal best-friends have the inquisitive and intellectual tendencies of a toddler. Would anyone in their right mind, allow their toddler to walk leisurly next to them in public without giving them much thought? Would they leave the front door unlocked, gates open or an inviting sign outdoors to go explore the world… metaphorically speaking of course? Those that are true “fur-baby” parents, ensure their canines are securily in their property, ensures that holes being dug are thwarted and corrected, holes in fences are properly mended to prevent future escapes into the wild world of discovery.

So here is a cheers to those fur-baby parents that do all they can to help their fur-babies stay with them for as long as they possibly can. To you others that the latter part of this covers, either learn how to properly care for them or adopt them out to parents who will take care of them properly.

Failing From Facebook – Irony of the Day

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

In my virtual mailbox, I occasionally receive the old adages of fond memories of the days past.

You know the ones I am talking about?

Those pesky pleasantries that talk about how, when we were younger, when we wanted to exercise we would get out and break in our new converse using them as brakes for down hill racing on our bikes.  Or playing a plethora of pilgrimage games with all the children in the neighborhood. Or when we wanted to talk to our friends, we would actually leave the house for hours on end and actually have face to face fond forums with them. When we wanted to make new friends, we actually put out an effort to hunt down those positive persons of young perpetual growth to experience life together and enjoy those warm summer days having fun. Notice a pattern here my fellow stressee’s. We all had to put out a valiant vigilant effort to do what we desired.

Then came the internet. Oh the joys of the internet, the one tool that single-handedly turned our sunshine suburb streets, that once bustled with children’s laughter and speech into a desolate zombie wasteland. However, as the years progressed a new villain has come into the picture.  Not only can children nowadays exercise their wrist and fingers on a clunky keyboard, but now they can exercise their arms by holding up a phone and joining the masses into a multitude of conversations with friends and fantasy friends of far away places without leaving their beds.

Just imagine waking up in the morning holding that powerful portable problem of dissociation in your hands and saying to yourself.. “I want to make some new friends today… Oh hey I will request this person as a friend,” “click” goes your thumb, and that process goes on till you receive a warning from your friendly Facebook foreman saying you have requested too much. And there you go, in under 30 minutes without even lifting a leg you made 50 new friends, and 49 of them you will never see or talk in person, let alone have any meaningful conveluted conversations with.
If you want to talk to your friends you can snuggle yourself into a corner with the television and radio blaring and hold a full formidable conversation with your “friends”, that if it was in person or actually through the telephone part of your phone (yes cellphones do have that functionality still) your conversations would be faster and you can get more done and said. Instead you type away, hit send, wait for a response, then you begin nibbling at the nubs that were once your fingernails in anticipation of your friends response… Oh here it is, you read, type again and hit send… and the cycle repeats. Look at that, you had a full conversation for 4 grueling hours that could have been a 30 minute race of speech if done the old way, instead you waited around for a total of almost 3 hours for responses and correcting your uneducated typing.

It is a pathetic shame that in today’s society, children prefer to neglect everything and everyone around them just for a long night of finger Facebooking their phones to death. Educational studies, home responsibilities and relationship responsibilities have become a dire distressed entity of the past. My generation and back are and have been successful, we have achieved our goals acquired our dreams and hopes by doing drab leg work, hitting the pavement and making things happen. Today’s children are lazy, becoming uneducated and anti-social in terms of live human interactions all because of the Social Media age.

Thanks Facebook for failing our future.

Healthy eating leads to health issues – Thought of the Day

52 Weeks - Week 5 - Food Allergy and Intoloren...

Isn’t it ironic that just about the time when health issues and these ridiculous food allergies started rearing their ugly heads about the same time all of those health nuts and parent advocacy groups started forcing government and food processors to replace the great yummy stuff we experienced within our foods and stop giving meat and poultry steroid injections. I mean when I was a teenager I never heard of anyone having allergies to peanuts.