Not a creature was stirring…. Only a mouse – Laugh of the Day

Common House Mouse, Mus musculus, Sarah String...

I was informed on Tuesday, by my fiance that they have a mouse in their house.  I was then let in on a little secret that she along with most of the women in the house are deathly afraid of mice, keep this in mind while reading this. From Wednesday till today, the kids were trying to scare her my making small noises and saying they saw the little creature. She would freak out and so forth.

Tonight, I went over to visit them and maybe catch a glimpse of the quiet house mouse. Toward the end of the night, one of our daughters came running up the stairs proclaiming she saw the mouse. So being the only real man of the house (our two eldest boys are still little girls at heart), went down stairs to try to find and catch the little bugger. While I am moving large pieces of furniture around and looking under things, I didn’t realize that I attracted a large audience, quite a large one. Picture this if you may, 5 girls standing at the top of the stairs behind the railing, eyes fully wide open and holding their breath in anticipation of me capturing the restless native that is causing a stir. For being deathly afraid of something, they sure were dying to see me catch the thing.

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Bulldog confirms gas tank full with a toot of his horn – Laugh of the Day

French Bulldog

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My car was in the shop the past two days for a chronic oil leak, so bad that it would give the police a trail right to my door. As I entered the office, a cute thick French Bulldog greeted me, snorting and jumping around. The mechanic ran down the list of fixes he did, and the checks he made and the fluids he topped off. In the end it only cost me $167.00 for everything, not that bad I thought. Before he handed me the keys he mentioned to me that he also topped off my gas tank.

I kindly looked at him, thanked him and asked what kind of gas did he put in the tank. At that exact moment I finished my question, that cute thick French Bulldog farted loudly. Ryan, the mechanic, looked at the dog then at me and said “Did that answer your question?”