Turkey impressionist does its famous pig impression – Laugh of the Day


You have the greats, Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham, I now present to you the up and coming new talent… Butterball Turkey! No need to applause just yet, he only does animal sounds for now.  My daughter and fiance were prepping the turkey earlier today; taking the gizzards out, stuffing the belly and buttering Butterball in its dressing tray.  After the tedious duties of making Butterball look his best, it was show time.

My daughter picked Butterball up, it was showtime! The crowd was ready to see this new phenom take the stage. Butterball was so anxious to get on stage, that he just couldn’t hold back. As he stood up from the dressing tray, the butter slathered over his skin caused an air pocket against his tray and the cold air got him going, he did his famous impression… “Snnnort Oink!” He always does an awesome pig. The crowd went crazy, my daughter looked up and shouted “Butterball oinked at me, I didn’t know they make pig noises!” and my fiance had to cross her legs to contain herself from laughing so hard.

Butterball was a huge success, the crowd loved him and expect a return with more impressions next year.