Arrogance over Advice

arroganceOh the arrogance and entitlements one becomes accustomed to based on the salary and position one holds.  To chuckle under ones breath, to mildly scoff at the round-about indecisive and blindly leading  ways of those with power, is to the reaction of someone falling over a crack in the sidewalk.

To think that a redesign project could be completed by those that are incompetent and unskilled in the technical world, let alone the project set forth of rehabbing a failed yester years design, would be anything but forgiving and chaotic, let alone as funny as a SMART car packed with clowns. One would think, a journey not oft traveled, nor chartered, the travelers would seek the wisdom and experience of one who has set out on that journey and is familiar with the territory that lays ahead.

This journey I speak of, the redesign of my company’s website. Leading the journey of this redesign are a few of the most non-technical and self-absorbed suits in our company. To start this journey, they recklessly tossed away the need to have the one person in the company sit in on meetings, or consult in regards to the current state of the website. With this misconception of them believing they could walk this path alone, they have succumbed to perils, adversity and hours of head scratching. When they were offered advice from myself or any other IT personnel, it was discarded.

The last straw, which basically told me, that my experience and any and all advice I give at work or in my own personal life is basically useless and unwanted. I was told by the Assistant Director of my company that my advice sucked and that what I suggested was unprofessional in regards to a company website. Mind you, I have over 20 years experience in the web industry. Then in the same breath, she criticized the fact that they were not made aware of certain things within the website that is now causing issues. HAHA, just shaking my head and exit stage left.


Can I say it please? – Irony of the Day

English: Mavericks Surf Contest 2010. Français...

So you all know by now, my stance on the ignorance and basic lack of business knowledge that plagues the upper management in my company. Today happened to be one of those days that I can puff out my chest raise my head and look my immediate boss in the face and say…. “HA! I told you so!!!”

Let me explain. We had a beach blonde, bad Snooki tan surfer chick, whom was hired on 2 years ago to run some things for us. She was bossy, bitchy and thought that since she has a PhD, she was the shit. She would come in late, carrying her surfboard, work two hours and then leave. Other times she would supposedly “work from home” (i.e. She was surfing) and other times not work at all. Out of a total of the 2 years she was with the company I probably saw her a total of 6 full months. Her ignorance came from the lack of basic computer knowledge and the boondoggles she constantly came up with to make things better for the business application that I am in charge of. I let a few slide by because they were good ideas but the others were just those pesky “pet projects” Continue reading

Spoiled bosses ruin Christmas vacation – Stresser of the Day

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

So I have taken a two-week vacation for this Christmas, plans of relaxation and work around the house turn my stress into a sense of calm and tranquility. Like a brick thrown through a stained glass window, the smiles and relaxation begin crashing down. The bosses at where I work have become so spoiled in getting what they want, that they believe that a vacation for an employee does not constitute an actual departure away from work in its entirety.

My immediate supervisor put out an APB to everyone at my place of business that all work on our website and business software needed to be brought to my attention prior to the close of Thursday, did anyone listen… No! of course not why would they. Instead of respecting the vacation time of an employee they would rather continue kissing the asses of those not directly associated with our business and/or continue to whine like little babies trying to get their way. Newsflash people!! I already have an 8-year-old and 7-year-old who try that whining with me, and as some of you know, that whining does not work with me.

I am respecting my supervisors instructions and ignoring those whiny little peons until I get back. Next time, you might want to consider reading your email thoroughly and understand that unless it is a business halting emergency, all your ridiculous miniscule requests will go unanswered until I resume work in the New Year.

Ignorance leads to wealth – Stresser of the Day

Business Ethics (The Office)

Seeing on a daily basis. that in order to run a business, corporation or a government even; takes pure stupidiness, ignorance and a true disregard to moral ethics. It frustrates me to know that in order for anyone to get a higher status than minion in this country, you have to dumb yourself down. I would rather be smart and make less money and have my colleagues say good things about me, rather than be ignorant and make more money and have my colleagues belittle and talk about me behind my back.

I guess I will sit here and watch as the idiotic and wealthy attempt a futile effort to understand why things are going awry.