Insecurity vs. Red Flags

Insecurities, a bane to one’s self, a hindrance of progressing and a roadblock to many, is also a misread trait among couples, friend and family.  When it comes to the self, insecurities predominantly exist, when those insecurities are perceived to be directed towards another, there are quite a bit of times when it is not an insecurity but a red flag.

Red flags, we all know what these are. They are those pesky little things that go off in our head when we see things that remind us past moments, past actions and past downfalls. They are prevalent in our everyday lives, home-life, work, within family and friends and within the loving bonds of couples. Most people don’t say anything about it, while others do.

Now I am sure that there have been actions or words in my past, that has risen red flags, but has never been pointed out to me. To me, if I see a red flag I am going to say something about it, and here is why:

If a man keeps tight lipped, during questionable times or even loving times, when a red flag appears or keeps appearing, than that man is just not into his woman. 

A real man, one who cares about the relationship and his woman, would not be afraid to say something. A man who doesn’t say anything, could careless about either.

And this is true for women as well, if a woman doesn’t care who you are talking to, if you have tons of female friends and isn’t concerned if red flags appear, she just doesn’t care about her man or the relationship.

No, it’s not an insecurity someone has, it’s a Red Flag, it’s a “I’ve seen that shit before and it wasn’t good” thing.

So sit down with your loved ones, tell them the concerns you have over the red flags, work together to understand the reasoning behind it and make a concerted effort to bring down those flags. If you don’t talk about it, just walk out because you just don’t care.


Daughter disses dad for the holidays – Stresser of the Day

Father and daughter, Poland

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This stresser is dedicated to a man who has dedicated himself to his family without prejudice, sacrificed without blame and stands for all that is good in a father, my best-friend in the whole world.

I do not understand how a father who has done everything in his power to ensure that his children are happy, healthy and living decently (even renting one of them a 2 story house) can be treated like he is lower than dirt by one of his children. It is sad that regressive memories and a sense of entitlement can turn a daughter into a ruthless, heartless broom who sweeps those of no interest to her under the rug.

I was told today by my best-friend, that his daughter wasn’t coming by for Christmas, because she would have to wake up earlier than she usually does to stop by and visit her father, who has given her the world, for even 15 minutes on Christmas day. Mind you, she passes his house every time she goes to her mother’s house, which are about 10 minutes apart. This is where she was heading today, to see her mother and her mother’s family for Christmas. Instead, she wanted to have her and her children’s present delivered to her by her brother. This wouldn’t even be a possibility Continue reading