Insecurity vs. Red Flags

Insecurities, a bane to one’s self, a hindrance of progressing and a roadblock to many, is also a misread trait among couples, friend and family.  When it comes to the self, insecurities predominantly exist, when those insecurities are perceived to be directed towards another, there are quite a bit of times when it is not an insecurity but a red flag.

Red flags, we all know what these are. They are those pesky little things that go off in our head when we see things that remind us past moments, past actions and past downfalls. They are prevalent in our everyday lives, home-life, work, within family and friends and within the loving bonds of couples. Most people don’t say anything about it, while others do.

Now I am sure that there have been actions or words in my past, that has risen red flags, but has never been pointed out to me. To me, if I see a red flag I am going to say something about it, and here is why:

If a man keeps tight lipped, during questionable times or even loving times, when a red flag appears or keeps appearing, than that man is just not into his woman. 

A real man, one who cares about the relationship and his woman, would not be afraid to say something. A man who doesn’t say anything, could careless about either.

And this is true for women as well, if a woman doesn’t care who you are talking to, if you have tons of female friends and isn’t concerned if red flags appear, she just doesn’t care about her man or the relationship.

No, it’s not an insecurity someone has, it’s a Red Flag, it’s a “I’ve seen that shit before and it wasn’t good” thing.

So sit down with your loved ones, tell them the concerns you have over the red flags, work together to understand the reasoning behind it and make a concerted effort to bring down those flags. If you don’t talk about it, just walk out because you just don’t care.


Garbage smell offends Foreign body – Stresser of the Day

Ok, most people know that certain cultures have a scheduled day of the month that is bath time. Offensive as their body odor is, I presume to ponder the possibility that the sweet decaying aromas of foreign bodies within their trash bins are to fragrant for these other sub-dermal decaying bodies themselves. I work at a place where we invite people from around the world, and it never fails but I seem to have those who believe bathing is a once a month type of service, kind of like an oil change. Each room has its’ own trash bin, small as it may be it is big enough for daily garbage disposal.

I used to keep mine outside, due to the position I am in and accessibility I have and I do not allow cleaning crews in my office. I began to notice my trash bin piling up with garbage, I don’t produce that much garbage and realized that it was these decaying bodies of ignorant matter depositing their trash into mine instead of depositing it into their. Well to curb this urge to not only make their own offices smell but to spread their putrid aromas around the hallways too, I decided to move my bin into my office. “Ha Haaa! They won’t be using mine anymore,” so I thought. I came back from making a trip outside and what do I see but one of those odor laden individuals walking out of my office. I looked into my trash bin and wouldn’t you know it that unbathed, unkept lazy fuck put her trash into my bin.

Just because you insist on keeping your body aroma to a sub-par level, even a dog wont sniff you, does not give you the right to pass it around like it’s a new-born baby.

Future accident causes traffic nightmare – Stresser of the Day

Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10), eastboun...

So I left at the usual time today, and wouldn’t you know it, a traffic jam. This shouldn’t be that bad, it is usually like this in this area. Along my 3 hour tour of the 10 freeway with its many Hands-On cellphone users, nose pickers, and an occasional bong toke from a stoner, I came to think of the worst case scenario of what lays up ahead of this traffic jam.

Could it be a fatality, a possible jumper from an overpass, a 5 car pile up? I was getting antsy and excited to see what all the fuss and traffic was about. After all, with a 3 hour commute; that usually takes about an hour and 45 minutes, there has got to be something very interesting up awaiting us commuters, why else would there be so much traffic. I see it, on a long straightaway with no on-ramps, off-ramps or merging lanes, the traffic goes from bumper to bumper to full-speed ahead.

I can feel my foot hit the accelerator a little harder, my eyes widen with excitement, a bead of sweat forms on my forehead, and my heart is racing in anticipation of a gore fest on the freeway or a huge pile of mangled vehicles. I look to the left, glance over to the right… What the HELL!! not a damn thing is causing this traffic, I guess the other drivers can see into the future and saw an accident that is going to occur at that very spot. There is not even a police vehicle or Cal-Trans moping anything up.

Don’t you hate when there is absolutely no explanation for a traffic jam?

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.

Company blames employee for poor Christmas Spirit – Stresser of the Day

Company party 1979

The holiday party is arriving…. screw that. The CHRISTMAS party is arriving shortly. I’m sorry I was raised in an era where we called it Christmas not “holiday,” screw those that think that is offensive, I’m not politically correct nor will I ever be. Sorry I went on a tangent there.

I digress. So at my company we will be having our “Christmas” party the Monday before Christmas. Lucky for me I will be on vacation. Every year we do some stupid little contest about whose the most festive and do some little gift exchange of cheap 99 cent store gifts. Oh and did I mention that the head honcho’s will be talking about the company and the future of the company during this party? Excuse me its called a party for a reason, no business should be conducted at that time, that is what meetings are for.

Today there was an “attempt” to make me feel guilty for not partaking in this “festive” hour away from work, that’s right I said an hour. We get to walk down to some crammed restaurant in the business district of our side of town and listen to the big wigs talk about numbers and crap. I said “attempt” because well I am personally sick of companies that expect their employees to partake in this little waste of time gathering, and that includes baby showers, birthday’s,m wedding showers and even new home parties. In my opinion those things should be left for off hours and not affiliated with the company whatsoever.

How many of you agree with me in this pathetic attempt to “gather” the troops to boost moral? How about spending the extra budget on increasing your staffs moral instead of purchasing big ticket items for the big wigs.

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.

Mr. Sandman blamed for late nights – Stresser of the Day

Don’t you hate it when you are on a long drive home and you get real tired and think to yourself, “I am going to sleep good when I get home.” And when you arrive home, you lay in, bed wide awake, struggling to find that tired feeling you had when you were driving home.

Stress, confusion and curiosity lead us not to hide, but to search out the next day to see what happens next.