The Don of Anti-Mafia’s – Laugh of the Day

Mafia Sign - Paris France

So there I was heading out of my office to get some refreshing ice-cold water, when I see two young adults standing at my colleagues door. To what do my curious ears hear, they informing him that at our place of employment, the young IT programmers are trying to start a union (better term is mafia) and was wondering if he wanted to sign a petition and get information in regards to what the mafia has to offer. As I strolled past I let out a loud, “Oh Hell No!!!, imagine referring to your union as P.U. for Programmers Union, it will work just as bad as it sounds.”

Leisurely strolling back around the corner, still laughing at the thought of the P.U., I see these two yahoo mafia inductees standing in my door. The look on their face was priceless; A stern, proud, and aggressive demeanor but their eyes showing fear, they begin opening their sewage holes about joining the P.U.. Their failed attempt of looking tought, was met with my bald-headed thug glare to their nervous eyes, and I promptly said “Don’t even think about talking to me about a union, they are a corrupt group of mafia impersonators only wanting to take advantage of people, promote laziness, corrupt the government and are a waste of time.” I sat down and they stepped forward continuing to spew union garbage. I stood up, walked towards them and as soon as they passed through the doorway to my programming sanctuary, I kicked the doorstop away and slammed the door in their ignorant faces. After, I heard a loud laugh coming from behind me, through my colleagues wall. And I hear faintly, “Only you can get away with that kind of stuff!! Nice job!”

Disregard for employee safety rush before safety meeting – Stresser of the Day

Worker at a considerable height lacking any ki...

It is unfortunate when someone loses their life to a violation of safety issues. It is my misfortune, however, that once again I will have to sit through another bland monotonous safety meeting. After 20 years of being employed at a number of companies, I have attended a fair share of these boring repeating safety meetings. You know the ones I am talking about, they contain bad actors/actresses, bad dialogue and bad comedy lines along with the same repeating safety issues.

Not only do I have to sleep through another one of those annoying monologues, but I also have to change the day I work from home, because it is schedule on the day that I do so. Now before you say, “Boohoo, get over it, so you have to drive into work,” you have to understand the day that I stay home and work is the same day that for some odd reason, traffic is at its worse. Literally, it takes me approximately 3 hours to get home.

Now for the ironic stress with this safety meeting. My company is notorious for calling upon my 3 person department (middle-aged, not fit men), to move things, such as conference desks, cabinets and other heavy objects. The kicker was today, Continue reading

Vacation turns into runaway train – Stresser of the Day

Joe tries to get a pulse from a lethargic Fari...

Vacation time, ah the joys of going to bed late, rising after the sun has warmed the ground and brightened everyone’s’ day and not worrying about any stress relate requests from ignorant employers or customers. Not to mention the drool enhancing lethargic state that one rests into. It’s a time to focus on one’s self and doing the things you enjoy doing or have to be done around your life and home. Then the final stretch of the vacation comes around.

In the beginning its like the little engine that could, slow going, and when the peak hits, it turns into a run away train. The long night sleeps turn into short naps and the day’s sun flies across the sky like a jet and the hands of time turn like a whirlpool. Are we mentally speeding up the days in anticipation to return to work? Yeah right, I don’t think that is necessarily true or even unfathomable. Who would want to return to the old grind stone after the relaxing time they had during vacation.

This phenomenon is happening as I write, as my vacation is dwindling down to its’ final days. Last week went by slow, so slow I ran out of things to do during the day. All of the sudden, realization has kicked in that there are only a few days left of my paradise. the stressless days of vacation have dwindled upon my acceptance of the soon to come stress of idiotic and senseless requests pour in from those that have no clue on the processes and technical skills needed to make everyone happy.

Oh the glory days of vacation, how you come and go like storm clouds of a California sky.

Ignorance leads to wealth – Stresser of the Day

Business Ethics (The Office)

Seeing on a daily basis. that in order to run a business, corporation or a government even; takes pure stupidiness, ignorance and a true disregard to moral ethics. It frustrates me to know that in order for anyone to get a higher status than minion in this country, you have to dumb yourself down. I would rather be smart and make less money and have my colleagues say good things about me, rather than be ignorant and make more money and have my colleagues belittle and talk about me behind my back.

I guess I will sit here and watch as the idiotic and wealthy attempt a futile effort to understand why things are going awry.