Sniffles turn into runaway leak – Laugh of the Day

Sick Boys

Why are kids so defiant? Well why not, it actually gives us parents a good reason to say “I told you so!” Last night my son began to get the sniffles, just a little here and there. We stopped off at a department store to get a few things with my fiance, and those sniffles turned into loud nostril clearing snorts. My fiance turned to him, and as a very caring and loving woman and mom she is, asked if he wanted us to buy some medicine to help him get better and to get rid of the sniffles and felt his head to make sure he wasn’t getting a fever. He was adamant about the fact he wasn’t getting sick and didn’t need any medicine. We bought some anyways, just to be on the safe side.

Come this morning, I hear what I think is a full-grown male pig in my living room, snorting, sniffling and coughing up what sounds like a huge lung. It was my son wrapped up tightly in a blanket, playing Xbox 360 while trying to keep his nostrils from breaking like a dam from the run off after a huge storm. He had tissues everywhere and his nose was beat red and not to mention his eyes looks like they were beat up by a turnip. He is sick!!

HA HA!! We told you so!


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