Failing From Facebook – Irony of the Day

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In my virtual mailbox, I occasionally receive the old adages of fond memories of the days past.

You know the ones I am talking about?

Those pesky pleasantries that talk about how, when we were younger, when we wanted to exercise we would get out and break in our new converse using them as brakes for down hill racing on our bikes.  Or playing a plethora of pilgrimage games with all the children in the neighborhood. Or when we wanted to talk to our friends, we would actually leave the house for hours on end and actually have face to face fond forums with them. When we wanted to make new friends, we actually put out an effort to hunt down those positive persons of young perpetual growth to experience life together and enjoy those warm summer days having fun. Notice a pattern here my fellow stressee’s. We all had to put out a valiant vigilant effort to do what we desired.

Then came the internet. Oh the joys of the internet, the one tool that single-handedly turned our sunshine suburb streets, that once bustled with children’s laughter and speech into a desolate zombie wasteland. However, as the years progressed a new villain has come into the picture.  Not only can children nowadays exercise their wrist and fingers on a clunky keyboard, but now they can exercise their arms by holding up a phone and joining the masses into a multitude of conversations with friends and fantasy friends of far away places without leaving their beds.

Just imagine waking up in the morning holding that powerful portable problem of dissociation in your hands and saying to yourself.. “I want to make some new friends today… Oh hey I will request this person as a friend,” “click” goes your thumb, and that process goes on till you receive a warning from your friendly Facebook foreman saying you have requested too much. And there you go, in under 30 minutes without even lifting a leg you made 50 new friends, and 49 of them you will never see or talk in person, let alone have any meaningful conveluted conversations with.
If you want to talk to your friends you can snuggle yourself into a corner with the television and radio blaring and hold a full formidable conversation with your “friends”, that if it was in person or actually through the telephone part of your phone (yes cellphones do have that functionality still) your conversations would be faster and you can get more done and said. Instead you type away, hit send, wait for a response, then you begin nibbling at the nubs that were once your fingernails in anticipation of your friends response… Oh here it is, you read, type again and hit send… and the cycle repeats. Look at that, you had a full conversation for 4 grueling hours that could have been a 30 minute race of speech if done the old way, instead you waited around for a total of almost 3 hours for responses and correcting your uneducated typing.

It is a pathetic shame that in today’s society, children prefer to neglect everything and everyone around them just for a long night of finger Facebooking their phones to death. Educational studies, home responsibilities and relationship responsibilities have become a dire distressed entity of the past. My generation and back are and have been successful, we have achieved our goals acquired our dreams and hopes by doing drab leg work, hitting the pavement and making things happen. Today’s children are lazy, becoming uneducated and anti-social in terms of live human interactions all because of the Social Media age.

Thanks Facebook for failing our future.


Healthy eating leads to health issues – Thought of the Day

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Isn’t it ironic that just about the time when health issues and these ridiculous food allergies started rearing their ugly heads about the same time all of those health nuts and parent advocacy groups started forcing government and food processors to replace the great yummy stuff we experienced within our foods and stop giving meat and poultry steroid injections. I mean when I was a teenager I never heard of anyone having allergies to peanuts.

Breakfast bounces off the plates – Laugh of the Day

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Oh my son, you gotta love him. He has the heart of gold, a caring soul and a mind that will make him your best friend, not to mention he is intimidating in size. I am teaching him how to cook and for the most part he does well. The timing of making food for him is a little off though.

It is his girlfriend’s 17th birthday today, and instead of going out for a breakfast, he decided he wanted to make her breakfast (she didn’t spend the night, she came over in the morning). I woke this morning with the delicious fatty aroma of bacon, buttery eggs and Hazelnut java brewing in the pot. My mouth was watering. I proceeded to the kitchen, where I saw the succulent meals prepared on their plates and no one in sight to eat it. In comes the morning chef and I ask what time she was coming over. He stated that she will be coming over at 9:00 am, mind you it is only 8:00 am at this point. I took a second look at him when he told me this and explained that making breakfast is a timing thing, especially when you make eggs; bacon is good whenever you eat it. I took a taste of some of the eggs and as expected they were rubbery and very cold. The look on his face was devastating to say the least. Continue reading

New Work Year countdown T minus 18 hours – Laugh of the Day

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Well vacation, it’s been a blast.  You provided me with relaxation, a stress free environment and a sense of calm that rests over a dry cold night on a lake.  Even though I did not achieve half of what I wanted to achieve during my two and a half week haitus from my daily grind, I did enjoy those things that were accomplished.

The countdown has started till I have to rise like the early bird and catch the daily worm of traffic back to work. It doesn’t help that I get an up-to-date countdown reminder by my son. Every 10 minutes he comes to me and says… “It’s almost time dad, start getting ready!” I know it will be getting old and I will be turning into a frustrated mass of bubbling matter later this evening. However, I will look back and say to myself that that was one great vacation, and even though I dread to be consumed by the ignorant stresses of work, I am still happy to sit in my office and create wonderful tools for my people.

Bon voyage, farewell oh sweet vacation. Till next time.

Sniffles turn into runaway leak – Laugh of the Day

Sick Boys

Why are kids so defiant? Well why not, it actually gives us parents a good reason to say “I told you so!” Last night my son began to get the sniffles, just a little here and there. We stopped off at a department store to get a few things with my fiance, and those sniffles turned into loud nostril clearing snorts. My fiance turned to him, and as a very caring and loving woman and mom she is, asked if he wanted us to buy some medicine to help him get better and to get rid of the sniffles and felt his head to make sure he wasn’t getting a fever. He was adamant about the fact he wasn’t getting sick and didn’t need any medicine. We bought some anyways, just to be on the safe side.

Come this morning, I hear what I think is a full-grown male pig in my living room, snorting, sniffling and coughing up what sounds like a huge lung. It was my son wrapped up tightly in a blanket, playing Xbox 360 while trying to keep his nostrils from breaking like a dam from the run off after a huge storm. He had tissues everywhere and his nose was beat red and not to mention his eyes looks like they were beat up by a turnip. He is sick!!

HA HA!! We told you so!